Pennsylvania Ballroom

The Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage was founded in 2007 by Barbra Snyder, inspired by a member of the Shriners in Harrisburg. In just two years the competition was so successful we moved to the prestigious Lancaster Marriott Convention Center at Penn Square and became one of their first events. Since 2011 we have been sanctioned by the NDCA. In 2019, we moved again to the Crowne Plaza Harrisburg.

From the beginning, the Pennsylvania Ballroom Scrimmage has been dedicated to being a welcoming environment for all dancers. Now we are under a new name and ownership, with the same goal in mind.


Welcome to the PA DanceSport Challenge!

Hosted and Owned by Carlos and Marielle Pabon


All information for this new event and venue is located at the new website.


Phone: (240) 535-2669